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Our Premum Quality Saffron and Saffron-based products are shipped worldwide and ready for wholesale and retail distribution in you shop, restaurant or warehouse.

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Pure, Organic and Made in Italy

Our Saffron is cultivated on the North-Western hills of Italy by using organic farming methods. The pistils are hand-picked and use of weedkillers and pesticides is strictly avoided during the whole farming process.

We are using an ancient method to farm and process our saffron, based on the same techniques used centuries ago to grow and produce the once renowned Saffron of the Monferrato hills.

The result is our Premium Quality, First Category Saffron (ISO 3632:2010 classification), produced and packaged exclusively in Italy.

A Better Shelf-Life

From the drying process of pistils, to the packaging: everything has been developed to increase shelf-life of the product itself. Our Saffron is guaranteed to keep its organoleptic properties intact up to 3 years since the harvest.

Our Premium Quality Italian Saffron’s dried pistils are recommended both in professional and private kitchens. 1 gram of our Premium Quality dried pistils can be used to cook up to 30 saffron based dishes.


Meet Aurum, Our Exclusive Grappa & Zafferano Liquor

Aurum is our Premium Quality Liquor made from Grappa & Zafferano, produced, bottled and packaged in Italy.

Aurum is not an ordinary Grappa: best served in large glasses, it nicely blends with herbs to create unique tastes and flavours. We use only our Premium Quality Saffron and Arneis’ vines Grappa to produce Aurum, with a minimum refining time of one month. The result is an unique Liquor with a sweet and persistent saffron flavour.


Chocolate and Saffron Threads: for the very sophisticated palate

Gemme (italian word for “gems”) are tiny dark chocolate bars with premium quality saffron threads. We are using whole saffron threads in our chocolate candies, for the best sensorial experience while enjoying the spicy saffron taste wrapped by the smoothness of the 60% cocoa chocolate.

Gemme are best served as after-coffee candy or to be enjoyed with a glass of brandy, rhum or spicy alcoholic beverages.